How To Perform Common Air Conditioning Repairs Yourself

During the summer months many of us rely on our air conditioners to keep us cool. We take for granted that our air units are going to work properly until they begin to give us problems. There is nothing like working outside in the sweltering heat and come into your home and not be able to get any relief from the heat. No one likes to have to deal with a broken air conditioning system but there are a few Air Conditioning Repairs in Ormond Beach FL for all different types of ac systems that you can do for yourself without having to call in an expert.

One way you can keep from having to perform any repairs on your air conditioning system is by taking the proper care of the system throughout the year. Proper maintenance on your heating and air conditioning systems can keep you from having to do many repairs at all.

If you do find that you are having trouble with your ac system you can check a few things to see exactly where the problem may be. You can check the air conditioning system ductwork to see if there are any cracks, holes, tears, or defects. There may be a leak in the ductwork where the pieces of pipe are connected together. This problem can be corrected by using duct tape to seal up the cracks. This will serve as a temporary fix until you can purchase new sections of ductwork.

Another air conditioning repair you can perform yourself is the cleaning of the air conditioners evaporator. The air conditioning evaporator is the line from the outside unit to your home and is most of the time located above your furnace. Use a brush or a rag to remove any visible dirt you find in the evaporator. Below the evaporator you will find the condensation tray. This tray can easily become clogged with mold or fungus. You can apply a bleach solution to the evaporator so that this harmful mold and fungus will not be blowing into your house and causing your family harm.

If you have a window air conditioning unit you can follow routine maintenance to keep them clean and free of dirt and debris. Window units will sometimes break down due to a bad fan and can be an easy fix by simply replacing the fan. Sometimes all the fan will need is to be properly oiled. All you need to do if this is the case is to add a small amount of motor oil to any visible oil intakes.

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