How to Prevent Air Conditioning Breakdowns This Summer

In order to prevent your air conditioning unit from breaking down over the long hot summer months, it is important to take certain precautions. Air conditioners can be fickle, and in order to make sure yours is in top working order, you must also be diligent in its upkeep. Here are a few tips for keeping your air conditioning unit humming along throughout the summer and beyond.

Keep It Clean

If there are a lot of grass, bushes, or plants around your outdoor air conditioner, it is absolutely necessary to clean up that area. An air conditioner needs plenty of room to breathe in order to work at full efficiency. Dirt, grass, and leaves can weasel their way into the unit, which can cause serious problems. Having a professional come out and clean your air conditioner and the area around it is a great way to avoid these potential problems.

Air Filter Maintenance

Changing the air filter every couple of months is paramount to keeping your air conditioner in top working order. If the air filter is not changed, dust and grime can build up, making the air flow struggle to get to all the parts of your home. Not only will it take longer to cool your home this way, but it can seriously hurt the vital components of the unit.

Never Close Your Vents

Do not under any circumstances close any air vents in your home. Having a bunch of vents closed will build up unnecessary pressure in them. Air conditioners are designed to work under certain pressures, and when the pressure in the vent is higher than normal, that means the blower is working extra hard. You want to make the work of the air conditioner as easy as possible and keeping your vents open allows this.

Professional Maintenance

You should have a heating and cooling expert come look at your air conditioning unit both before and after the summer months. This will prevent any issues that may cause serious, irreparable damage to your cooling equipment. It is best to get these minor issues sorted out before they turn into major repairs. A minor problem will eventually turn into a major one if left alone for too long. If you suspect that something may be wrong with your air conditioner, have a professional take a look at it as soon as possible. Like any other piece of equipment, all the parts need to be in top shape in order for it to work correctly. If one part of your air conditioner breaks down or is in need of repair, fixing it right away is the only option.

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