How Wall Coverings Can Transform Your Home

How Wall Coverings Can Transform Your Home

When you consider the fact that your walls make up the largest amount of surface area in your home, putting extra effort into decorating them becomes a no-brainer. But pieces of art only go so far, and painting can be difficult without expensive professional help. If you’re not a fan of painting or not looking forward to the work–or if you’re seeking something different– there’s a more versatile, less-labor intensive option out there to consider: wallcoverings.

More Versatile Than Paint

Wallcoverings come in a vast variety of colors, patterns, and even textures, with Wolf Gordon providing quite a selection of examples. Patterns and effects make these coverings more versatile than paint and give you more leeway for creative expression. If you’re not sure where to begin, a look at your options can start kindling the spark of design inspiration in your mind.

Hide Imperfections

When you paint over cracks or other imperfections in your wall, sometimes it doesn’t do too much to hide the problem. Painting over those imperfections might even make them appear more prominent. Choosing the right patterned or textured wall covering can make imperfections virtually disappear.

Highlight Your Rooms

Decorating your walls can create a foundation for transforming a space, says Architectural Digest. Using a variety of wallpaper designs can highlight chosen rooms, and even make their dimensions seem larger. You can set the mood or theme of your home design by using patterns or texture effects to create an optical illusion– metallic style textures or wood style textures, for example. You can use a wall covering in only one or two accented rooms, or choose one side of the room to use as an accent wall.

Start browsing and see what possibilities a wall covering can open up. No matter the type of aesthetic you’re going for, this option has quite literally got you covered.

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