Adding Grasscloth Wallpaper to Your Bedroom

Adding Grasscloth Wallpaper to Your Bedroom

You have a lot of options when it comes to designing your bedroom. You can choose from any color scheme, select a variety of fabrics, and pick a wide range of décor options. But, what about adding texture? When you add texture to a room, it adds more depth and interest to the space. One subtle way to do this is with the use of grasscloth wallpaper.

What Is It?

This type of wallpaper can be a very beautiful addition to a room. As its name sounds, grasscloth wallpaper looks like thick pieces of stray lined up next to each other. While it is made of a durable material – and there is no shedding or debris to worry about – it is an excellent investment in terms of overall design. It adds texture to the space, creating a stunning feel to the room.

Choosing It Well

There are a few things to consider when choosing any type of wallpaper like this. First, you need to consider the amount of color and texture present. In some situations, this wallpaper can have a lot of detail through different colors interwoven into the material. Other times, it creates more of a neutral look. Either option can work – as well as a range of other colors and patterns. Choose it based on the specific goals you have.

Feature Walls

If you want to add some depth of interest and texture to the room, but you want to make a statement on one area, use this wallpaper on a feature wall. You can paint the surrounding walls. Because of the texture, it draws the eyes of a person stepping into the room.

Grasscloth wallpaper is an excellent way to make your bedroom stand out. It can create a bit of character but still be subtle enough to create a beautiful look.

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