Important Questions to Ask Gutter Contractors in Alexandria, Minnesota

by | Mar 22, 2024 | Roofing Contractor

Many homeowners do not truly understand the level of protection their gutters offer to their homes. When it comes time to replace existing gutters or add new ones, you always want to ask questions of gutter contractors in Alexandria, MN.

The first question to ask gutter companies in Alexandria, MN, that you are considering using on your home or business is whether or not they are a licensed gutter company. This is a very simple, straightforward yes or no question. If a contractor is licensed, you immediately know that they are credible. This separates them from the fly-by-night companies that might pop up after a storm, do shoddy work, or leave with your money without properly doing the job.

The next question to ask gutter contractors in Alexandria, MN, is if they have insurance. You do not want anyone working on your home or business who does not have the proper insurance. If the gutter installation team messes something up, damages the siding of your home, breaks a window, or falls off the ladder, you want to know that the gutter company has the insurance needed to handle those issues. If they don’t, things will end up being your problem.

Next, ask gutter companies in Alexandria, MN, about their product and labor warranty. You want to look at their gutter prices and want to know that they are going to guarantee and warranty the parts and labor. This way, if anything goes wrong down the line, you know that you are covered.

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