Keeping A Honey Bee Swarm in Columbus OH Away From Your Outdoor Gathering

by | Nov 22, 2018 | Pest Control

When the weather starts to heat up after a long winter in Ohio, people start to go outside to enjoy themselves. Spring and summer cookouts are quite common in Ohio during the warmer months. There’s also something else that is common in the hotter months of the year: Bees. People should learn to keep bees away from their gatherings.

What Attracts Bees?

Attracting a honey bee swarm in Columbus OH can be a serious problem to people who are outside. While mosquitoes are attracted to the scent of people, bees aren’t. Bees can be attracted to perfumes, laundry fragrances, deodorant, and even lotions with a sweet smell. People should avoid all of those things if they are going to be spending time outside. There are unscented detergents, soaps, and lotions that can be used to help keep bees away.

Keeping Bees Away

What can keep a Honey Bee Swarm in Columbus OH? Most people can find success with insect repellents. There are both natural and synthetic repellents that can be used. Natural repellents include mint and citrus. Synthetic repellents can easily be purchased at drug stores and garden centers. Some people even find success by keeping dryer sheets in their pockets while they are outdoors. Multiple methods of repelling bees can be used at the same time. Contact Wildlife Control Company to get rid of bees when a known problem with them already exists.

More Helpful Tips

Using several methods at once will help a lot. Keeping food and beverages covered can keep away bees by hiding scents. It’s also possible to bait bees to a different area. Leaving something sweet out like maple syrup or a sugary drink can attract bees to a different location. The area for the bait should be at least 20 yards aways from the gathering. It’s also good to choose a gathering spot that is away from flowers and tall grass.

Bees are considered beneficial insects and their hives should be humanely dealt with when they are a nuisance on a property. Bees usually won’t be aggressive unless their hives are disturbed. Unfortunately, some people accidentally disturb beehives and end up dealing with aggravated bees.

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