Leveling Concrete in Houston: Your Solutions

by | Dec 24, 2014 | Home Improvement

Chances are you’ve had to deal with uneven concrete surfaces if you’re a homeowner, and especially if you live in Houston. Perhaps you have a concrete foundation of slab-on-grade or post tension design. Either way, soils can consolidate or your foundation may experience settlement because of soil erosion.

It may just be time to go local and seek out a concrete leveling service in Houston.

How Does It Work?

You may be wondering how concrete leveling works. It’s a fascinating process. Think of it as lifting an automobile on a hydraulic lift. Basically, when you level concrete, you pump a dense material underneath a sunken concrete slab in order to fill in any empty spaces and help raise up the slab and even it out. This process, specifically, is called slab jacking, and it’s one of the oldest concrete leveling services.

First, small holes are drilled around the slab. These holes can vary in size but for most applications, they are approximately one inch in diameter.

Then, an initial material injection is pumped through the drilled holes. This is to help fill any void space under the slab. Usually, this material injection is a limestone aggregate mixed with water to create a slurry consistency.

Subsequent injections will help the slab rise in a matter of minutes. After the slab rises, the drill holes are patched up and voila! –the process is done.

But it’s not the only concrete leveling service available out there.

Foam Jacking

This concrete leveling method is especially handy when you need to repair a foundation or large, heavy slabs that might be too weighty or unstable to slab jack.

Foam jacking works very similar to slab jacking, but there are a few key differences.

A single hole, usually less than one inch in diameter, is drilled into the concrete area. Then, two polyurethane liquid components are injected and mixed under the area. As the two components react, they’ll start expanding and hardening. As the air bubbles in the liquid components expand, they’ll lift the concrete area with a tremendous amount of force.

The cure time is fast, and no moisture is retained nor does erosion happen.

Where Do You Go?

A concrete leveling service in Houston can help you finally repair your foundations, walkways and driveways, all while benefitting your local Houston community.

Whether you decide to seek out foam jacking or slab jacking methods, there are plenty of options for you that work for a variety of concrete slab applications. Just be sure to consult a local concrete leveling service in Houston so you can have someone to help you inspect your concrete foundations. Remember that properly leveled concrete is the best way to ensure your foundation is safe to stand on. For more information you can visit Dura Pier Foundation Repair on their Facebook page.

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