Making Repairs to Your Crawl Space

by | Jan 23, 2019 | Maintenance and Repair

When a lower level has a crawl space rather than a full basement, many unique situations may arise—most of which originate from an excess of moisture in the crawl space. You may find this manifesting in your house in the form of such problems as:

  • Musty smell in the lower level area
  • Condensation on pipes and ductwork
  • Rot in wooden portions of your home structure

A crawl space can sometimes be more prone to moisture problems than a full basement since often the floor is simply bare ground. However, there are still steps you can take to avoid moisture problems. Consulting with an Oklahoma City expert such as Oklahoma Foundation Solutions can help you identify various ways that you can make crawl space repairs and have a more functional area of your house.

What are some of the repairs that may be recommended for you?

Pest Removal

You want to be sure that any rodent or insect visitors are removed from your house, and that you provide an environment that they will not want to revisit. Pathways to the outside of your home should be adjusted to prevent the entry of these creatures.


There are typically many local or state regulations regarding home insulation, to ensure that your house meets building codes. After determining the required R-value of the insulation, a professional team can be sure that your crawl space meets the requirements.


While earlier building codes guided that crawl spaces should be ventilated to provide the most protection against moisture, recent research indicates that ventilation actually makes moisture problems worse. The current recommendation is for a process called encapsulation, which seals the environment and provides no vents to the outside.

Be sure to review any recommendations by your crawl space repair team to determine the best balance of cost and effectiveness for your situation!

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