Massachusetts: Home To Growing Solar Power

by | Feb 19, 2014 | Energy Efficiency

The United States saw a record-breaking growth of employment in the solar industry in 2013. The Solar Foundation (TSF) released research in early 2014 to reveal the specific pattern of growth. The figures indicate an impact on various aspects including new and traditional markets. They reveal that a solar company in Massachusetts, Nevada, Ohio, Texas and Utah is no longer a rarity but a part of the overall pattern of solar energy growth. In fact, in Massachusetts, there are approximately 283 solar companies with 6,400 employees.
The state of solar energy in Massachusetts owes much to the influence of Governor Deval Patrick. His leadership has seen pronounced growth in the “cleantech” sector. Under him, movement has been made towards:

  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increase in employment in the solar and alternative energy sector
  • Decrease in reliance on the traditional modes of energy provision
  • More technological research in the alternative energy fields
  • Greater interest in and encouragement of investments in this sector

Other states also are following this trend.

Investing in Solar Power
Massachusetts has helped to encourage the investment in solar through a concentrated plan of investments, incentives and programs. This includes a comprehensive program called the Commonwealth Solar Program II. This provides rebates for those businesses and homeowners who want to install solar energy, particularly photovoltaics (PV).
Although the cost of solar energy systems has continued to fall in recent years, local investors may not want to risk their money in a highly technical solar company in Massachusetts or an equipment manufacturer in Texas. Yet, they might have no problem investing in one of the necessary companies involved in solar systems – the installation and service companies.

Installation and Service Companies
Installation and service companies come in all sizes and forms. They may be small companies that focus on residential rooftop installation. They could also be a vast-utility-based company that handles only large installation projects for research facilities, government and other large-scale organizations. A solar company in Massachusetts may access 118 contractor/installers if they wish to help a client find the right firm to install and or service his or her solar system.
If you wish to start a solar company in Massachusetts or find an equipment manager or solar system installation firm, it is no longer a challenge. In the past decade, Massachusetts has advanced along the path towards a solution for fossil fuel dependency. In this, it is joining other states. What is emerging is a strong field for present and future investment that will provide benefits for residents in Massachusetts and across the United States. If you are looking for a Solar Company In Massachusetts, you should consider what we, at Roof Diagnostics Solar, can offer you. Discover our expertise and learn more about our company.

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