Most Overlooked Features of a Kitchen Renovation in Cary, NC

Most Overlooked Features of a Kitchen Renovation in Cary, NC

When planning a kitchen renovation, it is easy to focus on the main areas, such as the cabinetry, countertops, and appliances. However, you also need to pay attention to smaller details.

Here is a quick look at some of the most overlooked features of a kitchen renovation in Cary, NC.

Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets are often an afterthought for homeowners. Yet, you may want to ensure that outlets are in convenient locations for your appliances.

For example, you may want to place your toaster and other small appliances on a specific counter. Make sure that an electric outlet is within reach.

Counter Backsplash

Most kitchens include a backsplash on the portion of the wall directly behind the sink. The backsplash is designed to protect the wall from splashes of water. It also adds a decorative touch.
The backsplash should match the aesthetic of the kitchen. Depending on the kitchen design, you may want to consider using the same material for the backsplash and countertop.

Adequate Storage

Many homeowners fail to plan for storage. Including adequate storage is essential for a successful kitchen renovation in Cary, NC.

Make efficient use of your available space to add more cabinets if possible. You can also consider adding pull-out shelves, pantries, drawer dividers, and other solutions for keeping your kitchen tidy and organized.


Most kitchens do not have an exhaust fan above the oven. Yet, adding ventilation can help keep smoke and cooking odors from overpowering the rest of the house.

Consider adding ventilation during the renovation. It’s a relatively affordable addition that can help maintain the quality of air in your home.

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