Need a General Contractor? 5 Hiring Rules to Live By

A simple remodel can do a lot to improve your living space. If your kitchen is still firmly stuck in the 90s or decades gone by, a remodel is probably long overdue. First, you’ll need to hire a general contractor in Berkeley CA to help you get started. Here are a few hiring rules you’ll want to live by to ensure better chances of getting the right person for the job:

Trust your instincts

The last thing you want is to let someone shady into your home. You don’t want to expose yourself to potential criminal elements who might take advantage of the fact that you live alone or that the lock on your backdoor is busted. Make sure you hire from a reputable company that provides quality general construction services.

Ask about the basics

Is your contractor licensed? A general contractor in Berkeley CA might be licensed but go further and confirm if they’re licensed to work in your area. Some aren’t so you’ll want to clear this up early on.

Consider specialization

What types of projects does the contractor or company specialize in? Popular Mechanics says it’s better to opt for a general construction firm that has solid experience in the type of project you have in mind. Their experience will provide them with better insight into the project and ensure efficient, faster results.

Draw up a contract

The company might provide the contract but don’t hesitate to review and look that over for possible changes or revisions you’ll want. Not sure you’ve covered all your bases? Ask a friend or lawyer to review the document with you so have fresh eyes looking for possible loopholes.

Meet the crew

You’ll feel much better if you meet the crew. Swing by a project they’re working on and decide whether they’re a good match for your project.

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