No Heat? Call the Company Known for the Best Furnace Repair in Palatine

by | Jan 4, 2021 | Air Conditioning

It’s very frustrating to walk into a house during the winter and feel that it’s freezing cold. The first thing that the person should do is check the thermostat to make sure that someone else didn’t turn it down too far. Then they should check and make sure they have oil or gas in the tank. Once he has checked both of these items, he should call the Best Furnace Repair In Palatine company. The furnace repair technician will be there the same day to diagnose and fix the problem.

The technician will check the pilot light to make sure that it’s working. If it’s out, he will clean the pilot opening, make sure the pilot button is functioning properly and check that the gas valve is fully open. If the pilot light won’t stay on, it could be a problem with the thermocouple. The thermocouple is a safety device that measures the temperature of the pilot flame. If the thermocouple decides that the flame isn’t hot enough, then it closes the thermocouple. This prevents unburned gas from building up in the furnace. The furnace technician has the equipment to solve these common problems in his service van.

It’s important for a customer to select the company known for the Best Furnace Repair In Palatine, because they work with all of the major brands. They know what parts need to be replaced the most often and their technicians know how the various furnaces run. They will know what to check if the furnace starts and then stops repeatedly. Something as simple as a dirty furnace filter can cause the furnace to start and stop. Furnaces need air to burn gas. A clogged filter can prevent air from entering the furnace. The technician will either clean or replace it.

A screeching furnace can be a very scary sound. Often it’s just a driving belt that’s sticking or worn. If it’s just stuck, some lubrication will solve the problem. If it’s beginning to fray, then it needs to be replaced. When a licensed technician performs these repairs, the homeowner will have the peace of mind that know their furnace was properly fixed and is safely running. Contact Five Star Heating & Air, Inc today to schedule your furnace service or furnace repair near Palatine, IL.

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