Reasons to Hire a Pro for Outdoor Fireplace Construction in Draper, UT

by | May 7, 2018 | Fireplace Store

Many homeowners manage the majority of their landscaping projects themselves, but there are some projects that require the help of a professional. Outdoor Fireplace Construction in Draper UT is undeniably one of those projects that are best undertaken by someone with relevant training, experience, and equipment. Read on to find out why.

Building and Safety Codes

Many communities require special licenses or permits, while others have established building codes designed to ensure community safety. Just about every community has ordinances regarding how far outdoor fireplaces must be placed from homes and outbuildings, trees, and fences. Some even have regulations regarding chimney height and structural integrity. Professional contractors have a detailed understanding of these ordinances and building codes and can construct an outdoor fireplace that will be fully in compliance with them.

Design Considerations

Every backyard is a little bit different, so it’s important for homeowners to take design considerations such as intended purpose and existing architectural structures and landscaping features in mind. Hiring a professional contractor for Outdoor Fireplace Construction in Draper UT allows homeowners to consult someone experienced regarding design choices, which can help to ensure their fireplaces complement overall property designs.

Material Concerns

Fireplaces must be constructed exclusively from heat-safe materials such as brick, stone, and concrete. Their interior frames often also require cinder blocks for support, and fireboxes must be constructed from either fire-rated bricks or steel so they can withstand extreme heat. Contractors have access to all of these materials and know exactly which ones to use for maximum effect.

Cost Considerations

Constructing any new hardscaping feature tends to require a fairly high monetary investment regardless of whether homeowners choose to undertake these projects alone or with the help of a dedicated professional. While hiring a pro does tend to cost a bit more, it ensures that the fireplace will be built to last and will look amazing.

Homeowners who choose to take a DIY approach, on the other hand, often wind up wasting a good deal of money and time attempting to finish projects that they simply aren’t capable of completing alone. Anyone interested in learning more about outdoor fireplaces and one company that can install them should visit Stone Mountain Castings & Design online for additional information. Like us on Facebook.

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