Restoring Your Home or Office After Fire Damage in Collier County, FL

Restoring Your Home or Office After Fire Damage in Collier County, FL

Disaster can strike anywhere, anytime! Faulty electrical wiring, careless use of candles or matches, leaky gas bottles in outdoor grills, lightning striking, or arson can ignite a fire in your home or commercial building. Quick and efficient intervention is needed to put out the fire, remove soot and smoke damage from surfaces, restore structural integrity, and clean the premises of all trace of smoke odors. For superior smoke damage restoration in Collier County, FL, trust the professionals to deliver complete restoration.

Fast and Efficient Water Damage Recovery

Broken or backed-up water pipes, roof damage, clogged gutters, or rising floodwaters can cause structural weakening and quickly produce health-threatening mold and mildew. Water damage can also be the aftermath of professional firefighters extinguishing the fire in your home or office building.

Fast and knowledgeable intervention can extract excess water, minimize damage to walls, floors, and other structures, and get you back into your home or business in the shortest possible time.

Other Services Offered with Smoke Damage Restoration in Collier County, FL

  • Dehumidification and complete drying of all surfaces and areas
  • Detection and elimination of moisture in hard to reach places
  • Clean-up and sanitization of surfaces
  • Professional removal of toxic mold and mildew

Contact Our Specialists Today

At Captain’s Complete Restoration, we stand ready 24/7 to dispatch a team of our caring, competent professionals to your home or business to begin the restoration process and see it through to completion.

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