Reviewing Electric And Gas Systems With Commercial Heating Installers in Centerville, OH

by | Nov 5, 2015 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Ohio homeowners who are buying a new heating option should compare these opportunities. The most common heating options operate on electricity or gas. While each opportunity produces ample heat during the winter, the homeowner should compare the benefits of each option. This gives them a clear picture of what to expect based on their choice. Commercial heating installers in Centerville, OH can present them with information about these choices.

Electric Versus Gas

Electric heating systems don’t require gas to produce heat or distribute it throughout the property. These systems use a heating element to heat the air. Once it is heated to the appropriate temperature, it is distributed through the ventilation system. To shut down the unit, the homeowner can flip the switch on the thermostat.

Gas heating systems require an electric starter to engage the system. Once engaged, gas is pumped to the heating element. The air is heated with this element and distributed through the property. To shut down the system, the homeowner can flip the switch on the thermostat. However, the system won’t shut down completely until all heated air is distributed.

Controlling Temperatures Inside the Home

Both unit types use a thermostat. However, the electric unit is the only opportunity that allows the homeowner to adjust the temperature quickly. The gas heater must complete its entire cycle before the temperature adjusts inside the property.

Evaluating Health Risks

Properties that have surge interrupters are at a lower risk with electrical heating options. These interrupters can prevent a fire due to wiring issues. They don’t emit gases that could cause health risks for the homeowner.

With gas systems, they need a carbon monoxide detector placed near the unit. This helps them determine if gas is leaking into the property. With a gas unit, the homeowner is at a higher risk of a fire.

Ohio homeowners should compare gas and electrical heating units. The benefits of these units vary. The homeowner may receive the same high level of heat from both opportunities. However, the health risks may be greater with select units. Homeowners who need to compare these units further should contact Commercial Heating Installers Centerville OH or Visit us today.

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