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by | Jan 29, 2014 | Roofing

You want to find a professional when it comes to Roof Repair Norman, OK. Every roofing company you check out pledges professionalism and quality that beats out the rest. How do you know which company is telling the truth? Maybe every one of them is professional, but you need some kind of proof. An excellent roofing company will obtain certifications that show customers you can trust them. Look for these certifications before making a final hiring decision.

Better Business Bureau

The first place you should visit is the BBB. The company checks out a business and gives them a grade based on quality, professionalism, and how they handle customer disputes. If anyone turns in the company to the BBB, you will see it on the website and see how it worked out in the end. Representatives from the BBB will look into the dispute and adjust the grade accordingly.

GAF Master Elite

GAF manufactures and sells roofing materials, but the company also has a Master Elite certification that can save you tons of money. Master Elite roofers have to fulfill many requirements including at least seven years in the roofing business. They also require insurance, proof that the company pays the bills, no history of fraud, good credit, and a 99% customer satisfaction rating. On top of all that, you will receive a special warranty that requires a GAF inspector to check out the roof work on your home. If mistakes are found, it’s fixed for free.

HomeAdvisor Seal of Approval

HomeAdvisor provides lists and reviews of contractors. The seal of approval is a stamp the company can show off to prove they passed HomeAdvisor’s strict test. The test shows you the company is legit, bankrupt free, sex offender free, and not a scam. While it won’t tell you how well the company works on roofs, you know you won’t be scammed.

HAAG Certification

HAAG offers three day courses that teach about different roofing inspection techniques and how the weather affects your roof. They are not courses that teach how to do roofing because that is something your roofer should already know. The courses teach extra information and provide certifications to prove to you, the customer, the roofer has that extra knowledge.

Find a Roof Repair Norman company with these certifications and credentials, and you know you’ll have the best workers and roof around.

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