Save Money with Glass Repair in Greenwood, IN

Save Money with Glass Repair in Greenwood, IN

Modern techniques, advanced materials, superior tools, and continuing education for technicians translates into the capacity to repair many glass items. Glass that would traditionally have to be replaced can now be repaired. The safety and strength of the storefront, window, shelf, counter, door or handrails can be restored. That saves people money without compromising safety or security. One example is double-pane or insulated, windows. A foggy appearance between the panes indicates a broken seal in the window. A few years ago, a total replacement would be the only option. Today, Glass Repair in Greenwood IN can consist of fixing that window by replacing one pane instead of replacing the entire window.

Cracks or chips in commercial entrance doors can now be repaired quickly on-site. That eliminates security issues from removing the door for replacement, reduces down time for the businesses, and drastically decreases any loss of revenue. Trained and experienced technicians, from Kenny Glass, for example, can provide emergency services to isolate the crack, fill it with advanced epoxy resin, and add a topical epoxy to seal the repair. The higher expense of replacement is avoided. The process leaves the door repaired, strong, and stable. There is virtually no risk of sudden breakage, weakened glass, or compromised security.

For all the advances in processes and products for Glass Repair in Greenwood IN, there are still times when replacement is necessary. Factors include the location of the damage, the severity, and the type of glass damaged. Assessment of the damage is always wise prior to attempting any repairs. This situation is also possible on-site with experienced technicians. Those trained in Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance for the construction industry can quickly assess damage, and determine if repair is safe. Large and deep cracks, for example, will still require replacement. Other damage that cannot be repaired includes chips at the edges of the door or window, cracks that splinter out in different directions, and substantial damage to regular glass. Glass that is tempered, reinforced, or laminated can withstand more damage and still be repaired because the strength is not as compromised by cracks and chips.

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