Scorpion Pest Control in Phoenix, AZ: Tips to Help Keep Them Away

by | Nov 8, 2019 | Pest Control

Scorpions are scary and have a painful stinger. Although most are non-venomous, one species of scorpion that hangs out in the Southwest has enough poison in it to make you sweat and froth at the mouth. The good news is, you can act to help keep these creatures away from your home and out in nature.

Clear Debris and Clutter

Do you know where scorpions and other creatures like to hide and live? You guessed it: clutter. Even organized clutter is prime real estate for scorpions. Anywhere they can be that is out of your line of sight is perfect for them. If you must have some clutter, keep it away from your house, and always remember that it could have scorpions in it.

Keep Your Food Locked Down

Scorpions aren’t looking for your sandwich or ice cream, but their prey is. Scorpions like to feast on those pests that like to feast on your food such as ants, flies, spiders, and even small mammals. Unless you’re in the scorpion-feeding business, then keep your food in sealed containers and undetectable by pests.

Keep You House Locked Down

Use caulk, drywall, and any other material you need to make your house entry-proof. Even the smallest hole in your door or crack in your window can be exploited by scorpions and other clever critters. If they get in, you’ll want to call for scorpion pest control in Phoenix, Arizona.

Get Rid of Pooling Water

Like other pests, scorpions love standing water and will use it as their water source until it is gone. Then they’ll move on out of necessity. The faster you get rid of these watering holes, the faster the scorpions will leave.

Mike’s Swat Team is experienced in scorpion pest control in Phoenix, Arizona, and is ready to take care of your problem. Contact us today for an appointment.

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