Signs that You Need to Have Your Windows Replaced

by | Mar 30, 2018 | Doors and Windows

Sometimes we begrudgingly turn on the heater on winter days to deter sluggishness. It can’t be helped, we have four seasons. However, there are ways to keep your electricity down that you may have not thought of before. Look at your windows.

Not All Things Age with Grace
Stand next to your windows. When you have the heater on do you ever feel a draft lurking? That chill is due to holes on the window frames that let all the heat escape and go to waste during winter. If you have leaky windows, the cool AC air diffuses through the imperfect cracks and into the blazing outdoors during summer.

Most windows develop quirks as they age. They also evolve just like android phones and smart televisions. As such older windows are prone to certain problems like leaks from being single-paned. Newer windows are extremely efficient and are designed to prevent air transfer. If you want to save on heating bills or ac bills, you should consider replacing the old leaky windows. You will see a difference in your annual cooling and heating costs.

Perimeter Inspection
Ready for a mini experiment? Conduct an inspection on all your house windows to check for smooth operation. Due to weather and age some windows become difficult to open and must be either forced or propped open. Some can even swell shut due to the varying temperature or paint. If you find any troublesome windows with issues like those above, then it’s time to find a window replacement.

Seasonal Changes and Decaying Frames
Water, heat, and repeated exposure to moisture cause windows to malfunction because the wood is damaged. With time the untreated wood frames will grow mold. The rotting and mold will eventually spread to other areas of the house. In time, those minor few window repairs transform into huge bills for fixing multiple windows and now, also for secondary bills like mold specialists or urgent care.

Mold can become very harmful for those living in the home, especially children, if exposed for a long time with no treatment. You can prevent health problems like obstructive lung disease and asthma symptoms from simple prevention practices like routine window maintenance.

Being Picky is Good
Professionals can identify what is wrong with your windows and rectify the situation at once with the right frame choice. Always do research on the companies, especially for professional certification and look for the longevity of the business. It can save you a lot to do the extra research in case you don’t feel comfortable with first time estimates. Seek a second or third opinion from others in the same field of expertise. That way you can fairly assess what is in your budget and what is ideal for your replacement in terms of scheduling and designs.

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