Starting a Sprinkler Plan for Grand Rapids Underground Sprinklers

Grand Rapids Underground lawn Sprinklers will take away the watering the lawn issues that most homeowners face. Do you get tired of watering your grass in the heat of the day? Maybe you get home to late and can’t water the grass. Perhaps you don’t have the time in the morning before work. Maybe the kids are watering after school when the sun is at its hottest point of the day. You are wasting water and your bill turns out to be outrageous. The truth of the matter is watering needs to be done at intervals starting in the morning and ending in the evening hours.

Although, this project can be done by the homeowner, it is no easy task. The most important part of the irrigation process is in the planning. Without the proper planning, the entire process could end up being a disaster if carried out. The next important thing is having the proper tools and materials. Professional who work at the underground lawn sprinkler companies will design a system that is perfect for your lawn and landscaping needs. The water will be automated by being regulated at intervals and in the proper places. Any issues, then the Lawn Irrigation company deals with it, not you.

Should you decide to install your own irrigation system, it is recommended that you plan your own watering needs. You need to determine the exact nature of the turf. Also, you need to figure your water demands which are different for the various types of grass. Soil types needs to be analyzed as well. You have sandy soil to consider as well as clay soil and all the soils in between. They have different watering needs and you don’t want to be wasting water as that defeats the purpose of installing an underground water system.

You need to check with the city to see if you need a building permit. All utility lines (which most are underground) must be checked with the city. This is the law. So check with your utility companies to be in code with city limits. Make sure you check any watering ordinances before you start your irrigation project.

You also need to study the amount of and sizes of fittings, nozzles and pipes prior to making decision on materials needed. Local codes also require the water flow rate in gpm (gallons per minute) as well as back-flow prevention be in place in the plan. These things are required by the city of Grand Rapids. Other requirements the city places is the water service line size, water meter size and the water pressure in psi (lbs. per square inch). This irrigation is a huge project that needs to be carefully thought through as well as checking with the city before starting.

To avoid all the work that has to be done, call on Lawn Irrigation in Grand Rapids at website to help you with underground sprinklers installation.

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