The Importance of Front Doors

by | Aug 4, 2015 | Home Improvement

People say you cannot judge a book by its cover, which may be true, but when you look at the exterior of a home, it is only as nice as its front doors. There is no reason to go above and beyond decorating the inside of the house without having an exterior that matches. Front doors say a lot about a home, and they either increase or decrease the value of a home tremendously.

When selling real estate, one of the first things the agent will do is start at the curb. Curb appeal encompasses all the visual aspects of the home, from the curb. If someone does not like the landscaping or front doors, they may not even consider looking at the rest of the home. Front doors allow people to make a statement to the outside world without actually having a conversation with anyone. There are three extremely important things to consider when it comes to front doors and those are:

* Color
* Design
* Condition

Color of the Door

The color is going to be the first thing someone notices about front doors, especially those who are seeking to purchase a new home. People will look if the color matches against the rest of the home; is it natural, meshing well, or does it stand out? Standing out may be a risky move, since some people prefer simplicity while others may enjoy living in a home that makes a statement. For instance, some may find welcoming a quaint white home with a bright yellow door, while others may be turned away by it. In summary, a poor color combination can be detrimental to the overall appeal the home has to offer. Front doors come in a wide variety of colors; it is important to choose wisely.


The design of front doors used to be simple, but with time, more front doors are becoming more ornamental, with intricate details. Some may be solid wood or metal (steel), but there are many front doors that have beveled inlays with glass as well. The important thing to remember is that the design of the front doors should be equally functional and beautiful to look at. No one wants to have something nice to look at but does not work properly; and there is not anything more inefficient than a door that does not swing freely or open and shut as it is supposed to.

Choosing the proper design for front doors can be tricky for some, while others may not put much thought into it. It seems as though the doors with more intricate carvings and details, thicker molding and trim are generally better-crafted doors. Those are just a few minor details to keep in mind when shopping for front doors. To know more about front doors visit Nick’s Building Supply, Inc. You can also find them Facebook page.

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