Timely Gutter Repairs Dallas Tx Prevent Water Damage to a House

Gutters are an important component of the roofing system that protects a house from rain and snow. As rain or snow melt runs off of the roof, the gutter system collects it and funnels it into the downspouts. It’s critical that the downspouts be designed to carry the runoff at least 18 inches from the foundation. The landscape or lawn must be sloped away from the home to ensure that the runoff doesn’t build up pressure in the soil and crack the foundation. Therefore it’s important that every annual roof inspection include the gutters and downspouts. Gutter Repairs Dallas Tx should be performed as soon as any leaks or problems are identified.

Clogged gutters and downspouts are the most common problem that roof inspectors see. New homeowners may not realize that the gutters need to be cleaned after the leaves have fallen off of the trees. Storms can leave dirt and other debris as well. When a gutter is too full to carry the water to the downspout, it overflows. The water then runs down the side of the house. If this happens over a prolonged period of time, it can damage the siding and leak into the home. A roofer from Reliable Seamless Guttering can install permanent leaf guards on all of the gutters. This will ensure that the gutters run freely at all times. The homeowner won’t have to climb a tall ladder to clean the gutters or hire a roofing contractor to do it.

Leaks often occur at the seams where to pieces of gutters have been joined. Over time gutters can sag and become loose at these locations. Gutter Repairs Dallas Tx often involve replacing the gutter clamps that attach to the eaves of the house. When these are attached properly, the gutters sag less and stay connected. Replacing worn gutter segments is also an option. Sometimes a roofer just has to reseal the seam. Homeowners often think that they can have a roof system installed and then forget about it until the next time it needs to be replaced. Annual inspections identify roof and gutter problems when they are small and easily fixed.

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