Top 5 Tips for Cabinet Installation

Top 5 Tips for Cabinet Installation

Are you performing a kitchen remodel? Have you chosen new cabinets but don’t know how to install them? Would you rather install cabinets yourself or hire a professional? Despite the methods you prefer to go about installing kitchen cabinetry, there are some aspects to consider before beginning the installation process.

Study the Instructions

Before you start piecing parts of the cabinet together, be sure that you have all of the materials available that are listed in the instructions. Read through the instructions to be sure that you understand what all parts are saying. It may help if you start slowly at putting parts together and getting familiar with all of them before working quickly to complete the entire set of cabinetry. If you have questions regarding the instructions, there may be a contact number on the instructions that you can call.

Prepare the Space

It can also be helpful to start working in a clean area with minimal distraction. Once your remove your old cabinetry, you can bring in your new materials. It may be helpful to draw the layout for which you want your cabinetry. You can lay all of your tools and materials out in a way that is convenient for you to find each one immediately.

Install Wall Cabinets First

If you install your wall cabinets first, you may be able to move around your kitchen much easier because base cabinets would not be blocking your path. If you are installing a kitchen with a high cabinet, install this first. Keep in mind that cabinets with spaces for plumbing can interfere with where you want to place drawers. Keep this in mind as you design your layout with wall cabinets and fitting them into place in your kitchen. After installing your wall cabinets, you can then continue to install counters, sinks, and cooktops. Kitchen cabinet assembly services may be able to help you choose a design that is best for your home.

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