Top Living Room Trends of 2019

by | Aug 23, 2019 | Furniture

Decor trends come and go. It makes sense that furnishing your home with quality; classic pieces can provide you with more value for your dollar. However, incorporating trendy pieces can add some fun and modern flair to your home’s look. When shopping for furniture in Idaho Falls, keep these 2019 living room trends in mind.

Bold Looks

Bold statements are a trend to be on the lookout for this year. A quality furniture store like Modern Home has lots of options that fall under this category. An oversized chaise can be a bold focal point in a living room, or perhaps an ornate bookcase might fit the bill. Of course, sofas or love seats in bright or jewel-tone hues always make a statement.

Handcrafted Pieces

A handcrafted look is what many shoppers are going for this season when it comes to living room furniture. Pieces that have the look of being crafted by skilled artisans add a timeless aspect to any room. You can find these types of pieces in various types of furniture. For example, a hefty wooden desk with enhanced grains and sculpted legs could provide a throwback to a long-lost era. You could also mix this in seamlessly with more modern decor.

Curvy Designs

This year is all about curvy designs: no more straight lines and sharp edges. Chairs with rounded backs add softness and coziness to a living room, making guests want to sit and stay a while. Even a smaller piece like a fluffy ottoman can be a minimal-cost way to add this curvy aesthetic to an already established room. Choose one with a plush top and rounded corners in a luxe material to add trendiness and timelessness all at once.

Take these tips with you when you’re shopping for living room furniture. Staying on top of trends is a fun way to enhance the look of any home.

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