Torque Wrench Buyers Guide

Are you in the market for a new torque wrench? Before buying one of these high powered wrenches, it is important to understand how they work. Most people imagine that any wrench can do the job. However, this isn’t the case, especially when you get into heavy machinery. When this is taken into consideration, you will find that most fasteners will actually have a rating, given by the manufacturer, that should be used for optimal effectiveness. If too much torque is used, for instance, the but could wear prematurely but if too little is used, the nut could become loose. On top of this, incorrectly using the torque could lead to damaging other items as well. This is why, when buying a high torque wrench set, it is imperative that you buy it from a trusted source in order to ensure calibration is correct.

You Have Many Options When You Buy High Torque Wrenches.

When buying a torque wrench, there are several options you need to consider. For instance, what type of indicator you will be needing. Different manufacturers have different options for this. One of the most popular types of indicators, is the dial indicator. This is a highly accurate indicator that will easily show the level of torque that is being applied. You can also choose an indicator that will stop when a certain level of torque is reached. Higher tech models will have a digital readout that will tell you with precision what type of torque is being applied and in many cases, these can be switched from American units to metrics, which can often come in handy when on the job.

Buying Torque Wrenches

It doesn’t matter what you will be using your torque wrench for, making sure that you are buying from the right source will be just as important. Ideally, you will want to be certain that the company you are buying from has a rich history of service in the industry and that they have the knowledge needed to answer all of your questions.

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