Travertine Flooring For Every Room Of The Home

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When it comes to travertine flooring, there are a number of options to consider. The elegant, classic yet completely modern looking flooring is perfect in any room where a sophisticated, upscale and unique look is required. It is also the ideal option for a rustic, Old World or casual room where relaxing and just enjoying the finer things in life is the main purpose.

It is very difficult to think of a more versatile flooring option that travertine, and we aren’t just saying that because it is our passion.  To get a better picture of how this flooring can be incorporated into your flooring design, stop and consider the types of finishes for this versatile flooring option and how it would accent the décor in a home.

Polished Travertine

Polished travertine has the sleek, sophisticated and timeless look of marble. Although once you have some experience with travertine you will be able to tell the difference, many people make the mistake of assuming it is marble. This is one of our most popular options for kitchens, bathrooms, formal dining rooms and formal living rooms.

The tile or paver is polished to a fine shine. Highly reflective polished travertine flooring glistens in both natural light as well as artificial indoor light. This finishing of the tiles brings out the earthy accent colors in the veins of minerals running through the stone, and also makes the background stone color dance and shimmer.

Honed Travertine Flooring

There are two types of travertine flooring, filled or unfilled. Unfilled travertine is ground slightly to remove the natural indentations or pits found throughout the stone. However, it is not polished to a shine and does not feature a highly reflective surface.
It is more satin-like to the eye, with a smooth, silky appearance and feel underfoot. The colors are enhanced by the finish, and the entire look is one of sophistication and classic style.

Filled travertine has the slight imperfections filled before the grinding step. This eliminates even the slight indentations on the finished travertine flooring.

Tumbled Travertine

Tumbled travertine is one of the most popular options for any room of a home or outside use on a patio, around a pool or throughout an outdoor living space. The tiles or pavers are agitated in a specially designed drum with water and grit to create a natural weathered look to the surface.

The process also slightly rounds the edges, which can be further developed through a chiseling process. Chiseling, which creates a more hand-hewn edge to the tiles, is also popular with honed and brushed finishes.

The brushed travertine flooring is less common, but it looks very similar to the tumbled. It is a lovely tile for any room in the home and with its soft, inviting colors it is an ideal option for a bedroom or living area.

Drop by our showroom in Tampa to see the different option in travertine flooring finishes and styles. We are here to make sure you get just the flooring you want for your home or exterior.

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