Truly Effective Fruit Fly Control

by | Oct 16, 2012 | Pest Control

What is your technique for fruit fly control? Do you use flying insect sprays, fly paper, or baits? Maybe you use the old school technique of placing bowls of apple cider vinegar around the affected area and collecting the bugs. These may kill off part of the population, but really how effective are these techniques? You probably find yourself repeating your fruit fly control methods over and over, yet still find that your space is infested.

How about cockroaches, spiders, or even silverfish? These creepy little uninvited guests can be even more daunting when it comes to controlling an infestation because unlike fruit flies, these bugs go deep into cracks and crevice of an area to build nests and create colonies. Even if you can kill off the ones that you see, it is almost impossible to get to these reproduction and living areas, which means that they will just keep replenishing the population rather than disappearing.

Don’t think that you are fighting an unending battle, though. There really is a way that you can control infestations of these pests in your restaurant or home without having to resort to the dangerous sprays and gels that are often used. Vapor technology is a means of pest control that lets you quickly and easily manage the pests in your space simply by placing the special fly strip and exposing it to the air by removing it from its aluminum package.

Once exposed, the special strip releases an odorless, invisible, and completely clean vapor that penetrates deeply into all of the cracks and crevices of an area so that it gets to the entire population of an infestation, not just those bugs that venture out into the open space. This vapor works by getting inside the bug and impacting its nervous system so that the bug cannot survive. Within 24 hours of placing the strip the infestation will be infected and killed off. For the next four months the vapor will continue to act as a barrier to prevent other bugs from coming in and starting a new infestation. This is very important as prevention is the best step toward control of pests in problem areas.

After spending two decades in the restaurant industry and seeing their share of pest infestations and ineffective management and prevention techniques, the people at Fruit Fly Bar Pro decided that they were going to take matters into their own hands and develop a product that would kill and prevent pests without requiring expensive, time-consuming, and dangerous methods. Now they offer their fly strips to the public so that anyone trying to control bugs in their lives can do it easily and mess-free.



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