What Are The Specific Recommendations From A Roofing Company In San Antonio Regarding Ways To Keep Utility Bills Down?

by | Dec 30, 2013 | Remodeling

Since your roof covers approximately 75% of the exterior of your home and about half of all utility bills are spent on heating and air conditioning, you can bet that you can save money when your protect and maintain your roof all year round. There are plenty of features in your home that require quarterly maintenance such as your home HVAC system, plumbing and even pest control services but hopefully you have a dependable roofing company in San Antonio that also takes care of this service to your roof.

Since nearly half of all utility costs are spent keeping the air comfortable in a home, it stands to good reason that having adequate insulation in your roofing materials is the first and foremost way to keep these costs to a minimum. Even such issues as leaks, ice build-up and consequently mold in the roof have more to do with the insulation in the roofing material then the age or composition of the roof.

The outside roof component that most people see and pay attention to is the shingle but there are many layers underneath which comprise the basic components of the entire roof system. Under the shingle you have underlayment, flashing, sheathing, valley’s, joists, gutters, downspouts, ridges, and fascia that all work together at protecting the home. Depending on the place you live in the country each component will have a different recommendation such as the level of insulation that you have in the roof.

Depending on where you are and which roofing company in San Antonio that you consult with you will have a recommendation of living in a Zone 2 or 3. In the United States the zones are broken up from 1 to 8. Levels 2 and 3 recommend that you have an Energy Start Rating insulation of anywhere from R25 to R38. This will typically be a definition of three to four inches of insulation in your attic area.

Obviously, no amount of extra insulation will help protect a roof, utility bills or the inside of the home without a properly system. Check with your local roofing company on the best way to improve any problems or keep up with regular maintenance on your roof for best energy efficiency. Visit www.shawcoremodeling.com for more information.

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