What to Look for When Choosing a Roofing Company in Hendersonville

by | Jun 1, 2013 | Roofing

There are few things that homeowners dread more than a dripping ceiling. That is because they know that it signals roof problems, which few people have experience fixing. Most people don’t know how to find roofing problems and are not comfortable climbing on roofs, which can be unsafe, even when they are in good condition. Roof repairs and replacement can also take a big bite out of the budget, so many customers just choose the lowest bidder. However, that strategy almost always backfires. On the other hand, by using a reputable roofing company Hendersonville homeowners can increase their property’s value, get results, and eliminate future problems.

Badly trained or inexperienced roofers can miss hidden damage, make incomplete repairs, or do the job so poorly that they actually create leaks in areas like chimneys. However, when they hire a professional roofing company Hendersonville customers are assured of a good job. Some of things they should look for when choosing a roofer include:

REPUTATION AND CREDENTIALS: Before roofers climb on your roof, ask about their Certificate of Insurance. The insurance covers them in case they injure themselves, even when doing an estimate. By choosing non-insured residential roofing companies Hendersonville customers can be sued if workers are hurt.

TRAINING: Modern roofing companies can install many styles of roofs, in a variety of materials. These vary widely and each has its own installation requirements. Make sure that your technicians are factory trained to install your roofing materials. Ask how many years of experience they have.

TIME IN BUSINESS: When hiring a roofing company Hendersonville homeowners should ask how long the business has been operating. Most reputable businesses will offer a guarantee on materials and workmanship; but it will be worthless if they are not in business to honor it. If your roofers have been operating in the community for a long time, they are far more likely to be around to help you with any future issues.

A home roof is a big investment which affects your comfort and your property values. It is critical that you trust roof replacement and repairs to trusted professionals who can provide efficient, guaranteed work.

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