Which is Best – Vinyl or Fiber Cement Siding?

by | Jun 17, 2019 | Roofing

If you are tired of painting your home’s exterior in Muskego or nearby Sun Prairie every so many years, you may want to think about installing some permanent siding. But which kind should you choose? Many people today are going with either fiber cement or vinyl products. Which one is best for your home? Here is some information to help.

Fiber Cement

Do you like the look of real wood siding on your house? It is beautiful and adds a lot of curb appeal to a home. Fiber cement from trusted siding companies like website serving De Forest (close to Fitchburg) is made to look like natural painted wood, but it does not have all the maintenance issues associated with wood.

Fiber cement is made from resins, cement, and natural wood fibers (cellulose). A special process presses the materials together. This makes it look and feel like wood. It is not attacked by insects and does not rot, making it an excellent external building material. If you want to know more about the manufacturing process, check online for “siding companies near me” in Madison WI. Your local siding contractor can show you their available products and answer all your questions.


Vinyl is a plastic material which is flexible and durable. It is easily formed into siding planks and installation is not difficult. It comes in many colors and is one of the most inexpensive ways to cover your home with maintenance-free siding. Unlike fiber cement (which needs occasional painting) vinyl never needs painting.

Which is the Best Product?

If you cannot decide between fiber cement and vinyl, go to the Internet and search “vinyl and fiber cement siding around me in Waukesha.” A reputable contractor providing both options can give you an unbiased opinion on which material is right for you.

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