Why Ant Extermination in Mililani Is Difficult

by | Oct 3, 2017 | Pest Control

Ants are everywhere and can become pests whether they are located inside or outside a home or commercial building. Ants that infest the lawn can be just as destructive as those living in the house. It is difficult for building owners to exterminate ants on their own. There are several reasons for that.


The main reason sprays and baits purchased over the counter do not work effectively is because treatment has to be specific to the species to be successful. Ants are found in thousands of species, such as fire, carpenter, and wood. A spray for carpenter ants, for example, will not work on fire ants. Proper ant extermination Mililani begins with identification.

Owners who get lucky and guess the right species will still not eradicate all the ants alone. Cheap products and home remedies do not work. Some may temporarily reduce the population of ants, but will not exterminate them all. Ants live in massive colonies. If you see one ant on the counter or floor, it is likely there are hundreds or thousands more in the cabinets, under the sink, or moving up and down the walls.


Ant extermination Mililani requires professional services from an experienced company. An initial inspection is all that is needed for the technician to be able to identify the species and outline a comprehensive treatment plan for complete eradication. Free estimates are offered and some companies, such as Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC, provide multiple year warranties once services are completed.

Safety and health precautions are taken to accommodate the situation and setting. Treatment plans for factories will be different than plans for residential settings. Homes require more attention to detail and safety, especially those with children and pets. Outside treatments will also vary from those conducted indoors.


Going directly to professionals for extermination will save owners both time and money. Many owners exhaust product options before exploring professional ones. That ends up costing much more money than necessary. Start with the professionals and spend less money.

Money is also saved because damage ceases faster. In most cases, major damage is already done by the time pests are suspected or seen. Keeping that to a minimum will save money on any repairs or restoration services needed. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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