3 Important Health Benefits Provided by Home Spas in League City

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Swimming Pools and Spas

It is becoming common for League city homes to include spas. Homeowners often include spas in their recreation areas or use them as outdoor retreats. Spas in League City are also prized for their health benefits. Soaking in a spa can improve overall well-being by releasing daily stresses. Tub therapy is also used to ease aches and pains and give the cardiovascular system a healthy boost.

A Spa Session Is Relaxing

Spas in League City are essentially big, comfortable tubs that generate warm, circulating water. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, but all of them are designed to provide hydrotherapy. That means users are comforted by the combination of warmth and water coming from jets. Most people sleep much better after spending time in a spa. Relaxing in warm water promotes the release of endorphins, which causes the body to relax. Muscles become less tense, and stress melts away. That is a very important health benefit since stress-related illnesses can be fatal.

Lounging in a Spa Soothes Aches

Homeowners with back, knee or muscle injuries often contact Cryer Pools to have spas installed on their properties. The water in spas provides buoyancy that relieves pressure. Studies show that patients recovering from knee injuries recover more quickly and have less pain if they soak in spas while healing. There is also evidence that tub therapy provides short and long-term relief for many back problems. Spa sessions also keep arthritis sufferers limber and help them preserve flexibility.

Soaking In a Spa is Good for the Cardiovascular System

Medical research shows that spas can improve cardiovascular function. Studies have revealed that patients who immerse themselves neck-deep in water actually get cardiac workouts. The pressure in water increases their cardiac volume. Simply put, the heart works harder when the body is in water and that contributes to better health.

Home spas are not only popular additions to outdoor entertainment centers, they are also health aids. The warm water in a spa promotes sleep and helps to relieve stress. Tub therapy also relieves aches and pains and can help to boost the cardiovascular system.

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