4 Things To Consider Before A Homeowner Starts Roof Installation In Lawrence KS

by | May 26, 2017 | Roofing

Unfortunately, the roof on a person’s home won’t last forever. After a while, the roof will need to be replaced. Since the roof is such an important structure on the home, the homeowner needs to make the right decisions. Before hiring a professional in Roof Installation in Lawrence KS, there are a few things that the homeowner should consider first.

Choose The Right Roofing Material

Some homeowners choose to go with the same material as their previous roof. Before making this decision, the individual should consider what other types of roofing materials are available and if a different material would be more beneficial to the home. Certain materials last longer and certain materials are better for certain climates than others. The homeowner can do some research online, or they can discuss it will take their roofer.

Layering or Stripping

Depending on the roofing material the homeowner chooses, they may have an option of having the old roof stripped off or layering the new roof on top. For example, asphalt shingle roofs can be layered twice. Metal roofs can go right over an existing roof. Layering saves on labor and disposal costs. If the homeowner is unsure, they can discuss their options with their roofer.

Ask About the Warranty

Most new roofs come with a warranty. It is important to have a warranty since installing a new roof is a huge investment, and it isn’t cheap. The homeowner should find out what type of warranty they will have and what will be covered and what won’t be.

Get a Contract

It is important that the homeowner and the contractor sign a contract. The contract should include a breakdown and the cost of all of the materials. It should also contain the cost of labor and the final cost of the job. Finally, there should be a timeline on the contract so that the job is completed when the roofer says it will be.

Roof Installation in Lawrence KS is an expensive investment and a huge project. Before the work starts, the homeowner should know what type of material is best and the most cost-effective way to install it. Finally, they should be sure that they are protected with a warranty and a contract. For more information, the homeowner should ask About Alpha Roofing.

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