5 Benefits Of New Home Window Installation In Claremont CA

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Window Installation

If a person lives in an old home, there is a good chance that they have old windows also. Considering all of the problems that old windows can create the homeowner should consider new Home Window Installation in Claremont CA. There are several ways that the home and the family living inside can benefit.

Lower Energy Bills

Old windows tend to be drafty because they are not insulated. When the draft comes into the home during the cold winter months, it will cause the home’s heating system to work harder, resulting in higher heating costs. Installing new windows will reduce the homeowner’s heating costs. Over time, the windows will pay for themselves in the money that the homeowner has saved.

Better Home Security

The locks in many old windows no longer work. The locks that do work are not very secure. If a homeowner installs new windows, the locks will be secure, preventing intruders from coming in through the window.

Less Maintenance

Most older windows are made of wood and the frames are painted. When the paint begins to chip, the homeowner would need to sand and repaint the windows. This can be very time-consuming. Newer windows that are made of vinyl or aluminum don’t need to be painted, and they require very little maintenance.

Less Outside Noise Coming In

As mentioned above, older windows have no insulation. Therefore, it is easy for the noise from outdoors to travel indoors. If the homeowner installs new, insulated windows, they won’t be bothered by the noise that is going on outside.

More Natural Light

Older window panes can turn yellow over time. Also, it is not uncommon for there to be tiny scratches on the glass. Both of these situations can reduce the amount of natural light that comes into the home. If the homeowner installs new windows, the more natural light will flood in through the windows, and the homeowner will get a clearer view out the window.

If a person has old windows in their home, they should consider new Home Window Installation in Claremont CA. For more information, visit us.

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