A Good Paint Contractor in Stamford, CT can Create Magic

by | Feb 26, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Painting is an art whether it’s on the canvas or on the walls. Though, there are several companies offering paint services in Stamford, CT but, not all of them are good. An experienced and skilled paint contractor can create magic in a space by painting with style. He or she can hide certain flaws of construction with well painted walls or niches, etc. you can create any kind of mood with paint, as warm, cool, quiet, clever and lively. You can also do this wonder by following certain steps as given below:

You can make the space bigger

You can do it with color and pattern, as they are very powerful factors in the visual world. By harnessing them, you can create an illusion of wider and longer room. You can raise or lower the ceilings, and can completely reshape the home. You can expand the space by applying lighter colors; similarly small patterns also increase the space. Though, size remains the same but the walls recede in your mind, creating an illusion of more space. Same practice is followed by a skilled paint contractor in Stamford, CT and other areas.

You can alter the sizes

Yes it’s true, with paint it is possible to remodel a room without reaching for other tools. You can reshape the space through a color contrast by either creating it, or removing it depending on the dimensions. If a room is too high, you can apply bright color on the ceiling to make it look small, whereas same you can do with the walls in a very wide room. However, if you want spaciousness you can do the opposite.

You can enhance the elements

Paint if done carefully can enhance many architectural elements like columns, alcoves, niches, and cornices, etc. You can enhance woodwork by giving it a contrasting tone or if it’s creating a hindrance you can hide it by painting in a same color tone as the rest of the room. Painting the whole room in a same color will also hide ugly corners or elements as they all blend into each other. This trick works more in an old building, as in a new house you are flexible with the design.

You can create amazing textures

Time is gone for the same old paint techniques, as now the paint contractor uses different textures on the walls, making it more beautiful. You can see many such textures done in Stamford, CT, as they can be rough, medium or smooth, having flowers, strips or other designs. You can also make one wall in a rough texture, leaving the other three smooth. You can do this by either using same color or a contrast depending on the room size and rest of the color scheme. These textures are created using different techniques, like combing, stippling, sponging, dabbing, and the finger tips. You can also create various graphics with tapes and stencils.

So, all these ideas will make your room magical with just paint.

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