A Marble Countertop in Doral, FL Can Lend an Elegant Look to Any Space

A Marble Countertop in Doral, FL Can Lend an Elegant Look to Any Space

Though those looking for a countertop in Doral, FL have many options, marble is often regarded as an elegant choice. More than just beautiful, marble counters are durable and can last for decades. By understanding the benefits and disadvantages of marble, homeowners can decide whether it’s the right choice for their home.

The Popularity of Marble
While the continuing popularity of granite is undeniable, a marble countertop from Lux Stone in Doral, FL is still seen as a luxurious choice. Where performance is concerned, granite and marble are comparable. The main difference is in their appearance. Stone can vary depending on where it’s taken from, and personal taste generally dictates a homeowner’s choice. Marble countertops are costly, and installing an entire kitchen’s worth of marble can be prohibitively expensive. Some save by installing marble only on the island or wet bar so they can have the look of marble without the high cost.

Marble in the Bathroom
Though bathrooms aren’t on display as kitchen countertops are, marble is still a great performer in the bathroom. Since most bathrooms don’t have as much space as kitchens do, marble is a less expensive option when used in the bathroom. Be sure to properly seal the stone to ensure that soap and water don’t cause permanent stains.

Cultured Marble
A cultured marble countertop in Doral, FL is formed of plastic and marble dust, and they are less expensive because they are manmade. Installation is simpler because the material is lighter, and their synthetic nature makes these countertops more resistant to cracking and damage. The only disadvantage to cultured marble is that it’s not authentic.

Though marble is very durable, it’s not indestructible. Marble countertops need substantial care, and spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible. Hot pans should be placed on trivets to prevent burning, and sealant should be periodically applied to reduce damage. Marble countertops can last for life, but if they’re not maintained, they can be very costly to replace.

Marble countertops are a continually popular choice among homeowners and remodelers, and they can blend in with any decor. Homeowners can talk to Lux Stone to determine whether marble is the right choice for their home renovation job.

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