A Roof Replacement In Topeka, KS Requires An Experienced Roofing Company

When a home or business needs a Roof Replacement in Topeka KS, it’s important to contact an experienced roofing company to provide a written estimate outlining all of the materials and labor that will be needed to complete the project. A great place to begin researching a company is by checking with the Better Business Bureau or on Angie’s List for information on customer complaints or positive reviews. A roofing company should never charge for an estimate of any type of repairs, installation, or maintenance, and should provide a warranty covering their products and services.

Why Is A Roof Replacement Important?

When a roof has not been properly maintained, or gutters have backed water up under the edge of the roof, rapid deterioration of the roof’s surface and support system can occur. Shingling over an existing roof could cause it to collapse due to the weight and is not generally recommended. In addition to keeping a building dry and safe from the weather, a roofing system can increase or decrease energy costs in a building.

When Does A Roof Need Completely Replaced?

After a weather event like high winds, hail, tree damage, or failure to seal leaks, a roof could require Roof Replacement in Topeka KS. Once a shingle becomes loose, or caulking begins to crack, water will travel the path of least resistance to another location. Freezing and thawing will cause further destruction to the roofing surface, and an entire replacement will have to be performed.

What Importance Do Gutters Have In A Roofing System?

Gutters transport water from a building’s roof, foundation, and structure and help to protect it from damage. Commercial buildings with flat roofs have a drainage system, and the water travels to drain that is similar to a gutter system. Gutters or drains that are clogged or damage will cause a water backup that will damage the roofing surface.

If your home or business needs maintenance, repairs, or the installation of a new roof, now is a great time of the year to have it performed. Request an estimate from a reliable roofing company and be sure to ask about their insurance coverage and references.

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