Apartment Security Is Essential in Chicago

Apartment Security Is Essential in Chicago

When most people think of security alarm systems in Chicago, they think of a house in the suburbs, wired all around with sensors and cameras. Most don’t even consider such a system in an apartment. However, there are a number of very good reasons why you should invest in such a system, even if you’re living in an apartment.

More Thefts from Apartments

Many people associate burglaries with houses, just as they associate security alarm systems with houses. However, the opposite is actually true. Someone who is renting an apartment is actually nearly twice as likely to be burgled than someone living in a house. This is because of a number of related factors: easier access, multiple escape routes and ways to disappear, and easy “shopping” for the prospective burglar. However, the most significant reason is also the most simple: most apartments are in cities. If you live in Chicago, you are more likely to live in an apartment than if you lived in the suburbs. Cities have higher crime rates than suburbs. Thus, due to the transitive property, if you live in an apartment, you probably live in a higher crime area.

Other Tenants

Living in a building with dozens, perhaps hundreds, of other people provides a certain sort of perceived security. A sort of herd mentality, having all those other people around makes you feel safer. After all, a burglar would have to be a fool to try to rob an apartment building, because someone somewhere is sure to witness it, with all the traffic in the building. In fact, that very thing makes you less safe; apartment dwellers are used to seeing people in the building that they don’t recognize, so will not bother to remember your burglar, even if they made eye contact. Witnesses are much more useful in more suburban areas, where a neighbor might notice one individual scoping out your home and remember them. Furthermore, no one promised that your neighbors would be your friends; no burglar would know your patterns better or know what your security situation is like, then the person in the apartment right next to yours.

Take It with You

Many renters are reluctant to install security alarm systems that they can’t take with them. With the advent of technology, however, this is no longer an issue. You can buy wireless alarm systems that can be packed up and moved to your apartment just like any of your other belongings, no permanent installation required.

With the risks so much higher and the costs lower, it’s actually more advisable to get a security system as a renter than as a homeowner. If you have an apartment and don’t have security because of it, you’re putting yourself at unnecessary risk. Know the facts, and protect yourself. For more information contact Alert Protective Services. LLC or visit www.alertprotective.com.

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