Inexpensive Tips For Skunk Removal In Columbus OH

Inexpensive Tips For Skunk Removal In Columbus OH

If skunks have been spotted walking around an outdoor area where trash is stored, the following tips will discourage skunks from remaining and will prevent more from invading a yard in the future. Most of the Skunk Removal in Columbus OH tips are inexpensive and do not require many materials.


  • water hose
  • detergent
  • scrub brush
  • orange oil
  • trash cans with secure lids
  • skunk deterrent spray
  • motion activated light or sprinkler

Cleaning Or Replacing Trash Cans

If food has spilled into the bottom of trash cans, lingering scents may be attracting skunks. Cleaning the interior of each can will neutralize odors contributing to attracting skunks. A water hose should be used to spray each can’s interior. A scrub brush with a long handle can be used to loosen residue from waste containers. Spraying cans with orange oil will also neutralize odors and discourage rodents. Orange oil is a product that is often used to eliminate a variety of pests and is nontoxic to humans. If trash cans are damaged or are missing lids, purchasing replacement cans with matching lids will be necessary.

Administering Spray And Installing A Light Or Sprinkler

Many types of spray are available for purchase that are designed to deter skunks and a variety of other animals. A border can be created by spraying the edges of the property. When skunks approach property that has been treated, they will move to another location due to the scent of the spray. Installing a motion-activated light or sprinkler system will further encourage skunks to leave because skunks do not like bright lights or water. If they walk across a yard and a light turns on, or water sprays them, they will be alarmed and will find another location to go to.

If someone attempts to eliminate skunks but is unsuccessful or if they would like to receive some additional advice on how to remove skunks, they can contact a pest control company or Click here when they visit a website. Exterminators can assist with Skunk Removal in Columbus OH and are also trained to eliminate mice, rats, roaches, flies, spiders and a variety of other pests.

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