Security Gates Increase Safety And Reduce Theft

by | Nov 20, 2023 | Security

People install a fence around their property to increase their security. A strong chain link or iron fence will deter thieves from stealing expensive copper pipes at a construction site. It will also keep intruders from getting close to a private residence. To be effective, it has to have a locked gate. A construction site may make the decision to leave the gate open during the day. However, this can lead to people sneaking onto a busy site and walking away with materials. Security gates in Sacramento CA is the answer.

Employees and regular deliverymen can have the access code to the gate. This grants them ready access to the construction site, with minimal inconvenience. If another person wants to enter the site, they will have to use an intercom to ask permission to enter the gate. A foreman or trusted employee can be given this responsibility. In addition to preventing theft, it also reduces vandalism. Unfortunately, workplace violence is on the increase. Limiting the access of former employees reduces the chance of them getting angry and attacking anyone or ruining equipment.

Homeowners can install a similar system. Family members can each have a remote control device that opens the gate from the safety and convenience of their car. Regular employees such as healthcare aides, gardeners, or cleaners can have the access code to easily punch in. Homeowners may want to install a security camera in addition to an intercom. This will allow them to see who is at the gate as well as speak to them. They can then determine if they want to open the gate, deny entry, or call the police.

There are two gate designs to consider. One gate design swings open, while the second slides open. The amount of space at the entrance often determines which is used. Large commercial sites may have more than one fence or gate to limit access to workers within the site. Warehouse areas that hold expensive products can be an internal theft target. A keyed system will reduce access and produce an electronic record of people who were in the area. Companies that are experiencing increased theft can contact an access control company to learn how it can help. Visit Folsom Lock & Security, for more information.

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