Abundant World Of Cabinet Doors

There are so many cabinet doors to pick from, so be sure to allot plenty of time for doing this. However, it is the most important decision you will make of the entire project. All your other decisions will be dependent on this one decision.

Your first decision will be if you want cabinet doors that are finished or unfinished. If you decide on unfinished doors, remember you are going to add another step or steps in your entire project and this extra step will add more cost. In other words, you are going to finish these cabinet doors yourself. Is this what you really want to do? There is a multitude of cabinet doors for the kitchen beginning with solid, which is what you should pick, as these doors will last much longer. Choosing solid cabinet doors will not limit your other choices in any way.

Most individuals who are redoing kitchen cabinets love the comforting and warm feel of high-pressure flat, single piece, flush veneer cabinet doors and drawer fronts. These doors are the high end of kitchen cabinets. They have the styling that is sophisticated with that designer look and feel. These will be at the top of the price range. Other choices for cabinet doors include thermfoil, painted or MDF, stainless steel and aluminum. Some of these will have center panels that are flat or raised as well as contoured. Most prefer flat panel doors, especially those who prefer clean and sleek designs. There are also slab cabinet doors that are solid doors with no frame or panel.

There are accent doors that are not used throughout the entire kitchen, but in the area where you want to show-off something such as grandma’s china or glassware that your aunt gave you. Accent doors include mullion doors, glass doors, leaded glass doors, and louvers doors.

You will need the molding and other cabinet supplies to match the cabinet doors you select as well as the hardware fixtures.


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