Advantages of Carpet in Lawrence KS That Manage to Beat Out Hardwood Flooring

by | Feb 8, 2016 | Carpet

There are undoubtedly advantages to using hardwood flooring. For a family willing to jump at the heightened cost of installation, it offers a fantastic visual and design to any room. It is easier to clean and is a very contemporary design choice.

Carpet has been pushed to the side in recent years, and it seems a little unfair. It also suggests that many home designers are overlooking many of the benefits of carpet. There are at least three that seem to have gone forgotten.

Thickening the Color Palette

Hardwood floors are functional, but they lack color. They do offer a rustic look for someone seeking that style or a nice glow when the light bounces off the flooring. But, they are not colorful- and that is a problem. Carpet in Lawrence KS can add to the unique and energetic color palette in a huge way. Dark carpeting can offer a contrast to the light walls, or a pure white carpet can help accentuate the blazing color of the furniture. Color is weakened with hardwood flooring, giving the carpet a nice edge.


The chill from hardwood flooring is really only the beginning. It is the part that is clearly felt. That can be a mild nuisance, and shrugged off with some thick slippers. But, the insulating effects of hardwood keep the energy costs a little higher. Carpet in Lawrence KS acts as insulation. It retains heat and holds back cold air that can rise through the flooring. It can also feel cozy and warm on the feet. Carpet was using dominantly for years as a flooring option largely because of this reason. It is a better option for saving on energy costs, and it seems amidst the modern preference of hardwood, many have lost sight of this obvious benefit.

Slip and Fall

There are other benefits, but this one is like a smack in the head. It is so obvious. How is anyone going to slip and fall on Carpet in Lawrence KS? It doesn’t happen. This is unlike hardwood, where water spills seem to hide from the glow of the floor and slip accidents are all too common.

Visit Capital City Flooring Inc for more on carpeting options in Kansas. The above benefits are a small reminder that though hardwood is more popular, carpet is a little more convenient.

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