There are Different Types of Carpeting Available

Many homeowners opt to install carpeting in their home, it is a reasonably priced floor covering, attractive and keeps the house warmer as it insulates the floor. There area rugs as well as wall to wall carpeting and there are a number of different types of carpeting. The homeowner who is contemplating carpeting should consider all the options.

The carpet top surface is the pile; the pile can be created by weaving or tufting. Woven carpet is more durable but it is more costly as it takes longer to make a woven carpet. Pile carpets are made by pulling strands of carpet fiber through a woven backing material; tufted carpets are available in three categories which are cut, loop and cut and loop and each of these categories have a number of variations.

Good cut pile carpeting for areas which get a lot of traffic is frieze or what is commonly called trackless carpet. This type of carpet pile is cut so that it minimizes the appearance of tracks. Saxony pile shows the tracks more and plush shows the tracks the most but is the softest of the three. Plush carpets are not recommended for use in areas of the home that are busy but it’s a great choice for bedrooms and other rooms which are used infrequently.

Phoenix carpeting is also available in a loop style. This type of carpet has fibers pushed from the backing which is quite tough and rigid. This type of carpet is often used in commercial installations; it is less expensive and wears well.

Cut and loop carpets use both techniques, most textured or patterned carpets are made using this production technique. This type of carpet is not usually suitable for areas that see heavy use as the cut pile begins to deform, this type of carpet is ideal though for rooms which are not often used as well as throw rugs.

Once the type of carpet has been settled on the next is to select the fiber that is used. There are a number of fibers that are commonly used in Phoenix carpeting starting with wool. Wool is an ideal material, it is soft yet it is also tough and stands up well to heavy use, it is also one of the more expensive options. Nylon is a very popular synthetic fiber that is used for carpets, it is hard wearing, available in a host of colors and is relatively easy to clean and maintain.

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