Advantages of Keeping a System for Air Conditioning in Scottsdale Well Maintained

One of the most important things for a homeowner to do as the weather begins to warm each year can be tending to their Air Conditioning in Scottsdale. While many homeowners may put this type of task off until the weather actually becomes hot, this is not always the best idea. In many cases, if an appointment for maintenance and/or repair work is not made early, it can be both difficult and expensive to schedule one later in the season.

Most air conditioning in Scottsdale systems require regular maintenance to keep the unit running efficiently and effectively. Regular maintenance can also be helpful in prolonging the life of the unit. One of the main steps in maintaining an air conditioning system is making sure it is cleaned each year before it is put to use for the summer months. This is important because most units tend to collect a good deal of dirt, hair and other matter, which can cause them to operate harder and less efficiently.

Air conditioning systems generally have two separate units. One unit is housed inside the home, and the other is set up on a concrete slab not far from the home. Both of these units will need to be cleaned. The inside unit houses the blower. The blower needs to be vacuumed out using a machine with a long nozzle attachment. There are generally grilles and vents on the unit. These will need to be cleared of dirt by using a stiff brush. The air filter should be examined as well. Holding the filter to the light will allow the technician to determine how much air is passing through it. If it is not a sufficient amount, the filter should be replaced. Homeowners should check the filter regularly when the unit is in use.

The compressor and condenser portions of the system are housed together in the outside unit. The unit tends to collect large debris from the yard, and this will need to be removed first. The coils on the unit will need to be vacuumed and/or washed with water and a special coil cleaner. The fins will need to be cleaned with a soft brush. Since the fins are made from aluminum, they bend easily. A fin comb may be used to fix this. Please visit the website for more information.

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