Are Overhead Garage Doors in Newton, MA the Best Replacement Option?

by | Aug 19, 2015 | Garage Door

The homeowner has grown tired of dealing with the swinging garage doors. Along with being a little heavy, they are not the most efficient way to get the car in and out the garage during bad weather or late at night. Now that the owner has decided to replace those older doors, the question is what type of solution is best. Taking a look at the benefits offered by Overhead Garage Doors Newton, MA will quickly answer the question

Easy Installation

One of the advantages of Overhead Garage Doors Newton, MA is they can be installed without a lot of trouble. Assuming the garage is basically sound, it will not take long to find a door that is the ideal length and width. A professional can have the old doors taken down and the new one in place in a matter of hours.

More Space Efficient

Those older doors took up a lot of room when they were swung open. With Overhead Garage Doors Newton, MA, no ground-level space in or around the garage is blocked at any time. The doors roll up easily and out of the way. The only space they require is space the homeowner never uses anyway.

A Better Safety Option

Opting for overhead doors is more than a convenience. They also happen to provide some important safety precautions for the family. When a member of the family arrives home late at night, it is necessary to get out of the car, open the swinging doors, then get back into the car and drive into the garage. Even then, there is the need to close the doors once the car is in the garage. During each of those times, the individual is not in a secure position.

Compare that to the ease of remaining in the vehicle and using a remote control to raise the overhead door, drive into the garage, and then have the door close automatically. At no point does the driver have to get out of the car. In terms of safety, this approach is hard to beat.

For people who would like to learn more about the benefits of overhead doors, talk with the team at Collins Overhead Doors, Inc. today. Chances are this solution will be ideal for the homeowner and the rest of the family too. Find us on Facebook!

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