Points to Consider Before Starting a Bathroom Remodel

by | Aug 19, 2015 | Remodeling

With some extra money in the household budget, the time has come to think about the Bathroom Remodel that the owner has put off for several years. Before getting started, it pays to settle a few matters first. Doing so will increase the odds of ending up with a bathroom that looks great and provides all the benefits desired. Here are some examples of what to consider.

Should the Main Fixtures Stay or Go?

One of the first things to decide with any Bathroom Remodel is the fate of the main fixtures. Take a good look at the toilet and bathtub. Are they still in relatively good shape? If so, would some resurfacing take care of any minor imperfections. Replacing these elements will add a significant amount of expense to the remodeling, but it will be worth it if those fixtures happen to be in poor condition.

What About the Tile?

The bathroom has tile on the floor, in the shower stall, and on most of the walls. What does the owner think about the tile in any of these areas? Is the color fine or does it give the space a dated look? Perhaps the floor tile is fine but something has to be done with the walls. If so, focus on finding tile in the right color and size to add some zest to the look of those other areas.

The Shower Doors

For years, the shower and tub combination did not include any type of shower doors. Instead, a curtain was in place. Think about what the right shower doors would add to the space. To help keep the addition from making the bathroom look smaller, think about frameless doors matched with clear glass. This approach will still let in plenty of lights and ensure the beauty of the tile around the tub to be seen with ease.

For more tips on how to proceed with remodeling a bathroom, talk with the experts at American Bath Inc today. By going over some different design ideas and looking at replacement materials and fixtures, it will not take long to come up with the ideal design. Once all the elements are chosen, a contractor can get busy with the transformation of the space.

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