Are You Ready For Your Kitchen Remodel in Naples FL?

by | Jun 4, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Finding ways to upgrade your home, and create more value, can sometimes be challenging. Upgrading your kitchen and baths can both offer you significant returns, if you have a plan and stay within your budget. When creating the kitchen of your dreams there are some items that are worth the splurge, and other ways that you can cut corners, to have some of the extras that you desire. If you are getting ready to undertake a Kitchen Remodel Naples FL, here are a few things that you may consider.

Maintaining your existing layout is the easiest way to save money. Removing walls, changing plumbing or gas lines, or even having to change out your electrical wiring, can quickly add up. Beware of cabinet upcharges. Find a manufacturer that has the door style and finish that you are looking for. Do not pay for the pretty extras such as custom organizers, back of the door spice racks and more. These are available for much less through other websites. If your kitchen has an odd configuration you can avoid buying customized size cabinets. These spaces can be filled in with cubby units, appliance panels, and stock wine organizers. Consider using factory cabinets. There are many advantages to these, with price being the leading one. Did you know that by ordering a two panel wall cabinet with glass in the top windows can save you more that 25% over ordering glass door cubby units to stack on top? This will give you the display that you desire, at a much lower price.

You can create more spacing during your Kitchen Remodel Naples FL, by utilizing some of the wonderful sliding shelving options that are on the market. Pull out shelving that fully extend, will give you access to all of those things that you tend to tuck out of sight and out of mind. Drawers versus roll out trays are a personal preference, since they are comparable price wise. Open shelving while beautiful in show kitchens, are usually not practical to the average homeowner. These will allow your articles to collect dust and grease. If you choose to use them, consider using them for things that you wash frequently, cookbooks, oversize items, or wine racks. If you save enough money on some of the things that may not really matter, you will be able to splurge on the things that you really want.


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