Bathroom Updates: What Homeowners Need to Know About Installing and Caring For Walk-in Tubs in Encinitas

by | Jan 16, 2017 | Home Improvement

The idea of updating the master bathroom is not just about giving the space a fresh look. It’s also about making the bathroom more user-friendly for a homeowner who is not able to get in and out of a conventional tub with the same ease as a few years ago. One issue that causes many homeowners to pause is fears about the difficulty of installing and taking care of Walk-in Tubs in Encinitas. Rest assured the process is less complicated than most realize. Here are a few points to keep in mind.

Little to No New Plumbing Required

Most designs for Walk-in Tubs in Encinitas will not require a lot of new fittings and plumbing. The kits that come with the tubs easily connect to the drains and the lines ran for the faucets with ease. Depending on where the new tub will be positioned, it may be necessary to make some modifications. If so, the plumber will know how to go about the job with a minimum of fuss.

Extra Space in the Bathroom

With the old tub gone and the new walk-in model taking up less room, there will be a little more space that the homeowner can put to good use. After adding floor tile to cover the newly exposed raw flooring, there’s no limit on what can be done with that additional space. A professional can recommend options for storage or some type of decorative accent that makes the bathroom seem more spacious.

Simple Cleaning and Maintenance

People who have never seen these tubs in action wonder just how tight the seal is around the tub door. In fact, it will hold up well for a number of years before the tiniest amount of water will leak through. That means no worries about extra cleaning in the bathroom. If anything, the homeowner is likely to find that taking a bath requires less water and keeping the tub clean requires less effort.

If the idea of a walk-in tub sounds like something that should be included in the bathroom renovation, talk with the team at Business Name. today. Once the tub design is chosen, the actual installation won’t take long.

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