Benefits of Buying Amana PTAC Units

by | Jul 15, 2013 | Air Conditioning

Package Terminal Air Conditioner or PTAC units are a type of air conditioning system designed to control the temperature in a single room. Since Amana PTAC units can be installed directly into walls that lead to the outside, no ductwork is needed to run these cooling systems. There are a number of benefits to choosing a PTAC unit. Installation costs are significantly reduced, the amount of space needed for installation is minimal, and the amount of time to install the unit is brief, while allowing the occupants to gain full control of the temperature in a single room without impacting the temperature in other rooms of the home. Learn more about the benefits of Amana PTAC units.


PTAC air conditioning units are one of the most affordable types of cooling systems available on the market today. Since they are purchased to cool off a single room on an as-needed basis, utility bills can better be controlled. Installation is also much more inexpensive than other types of cooling systems as PTAC units are not only faster to install, but also require no ductwork.

Easy Operation

Some types of HVAC systems can be challenging to operate. With so many gears and gadgets, maintaining a comfortable temperature can take work. PTAC units are simple to use and are much better at maintaining a desired temperature than other systems. As well as their cheaper retail price, PTAC air conditioning units are also less expensive to operate. This is because the amount of energy needed to provide a comfortable temperature is limited only to one room.



PTAC units are considered much more energy efficient than central air conditioners and other cooling methods. This is because PTAC units are only used on an as-need basis, instead of running all the time through your home’s main ducts. Once a room is cooled, the PTAC unit can be turned off to save energy and cut down your utility bills.

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