Best Quality products for Industrial Refrigeration In California

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Refrigeration

When you are searching for products related to industrial refrigeration in California, let us be your first choice. We have a long history in designing, producing, testing and installing these products. Our industrial refrigeration systems are used in many different industries. From large food storage centers to dairies and other farming services, all sorts of food and beverage companies depend on us for quality refrigeration systems.

Our industrial refrigeration equipment is also used in pharmaceutical facilities. Many ingredients and finished products must be kept cold in order to remain safe and effective. Our equipment is designed for large-scale storage of bulk goods and large crates of products. We make walk-in refrigeration panels and units that are designed to hold millions of units of products at a time. Our systems are not only effective, but they are also efficient. We design our products with safety and efficacy in mind.

In addition to supplying pharmaceutical, food, restaurant, farm and veterinary facilities with efficient walk-in refrigeration systems, we also provide the maintenance and service assistance that you need for these systems. Routine maintenance is the key to a long lifespan and efficient operations of the systems. Regular servicing helps to lower the energy usage of the units, which in turn decreases your costs of doing business.

We stand by all of our industrial refrigeration equipment. Our products have been thoroughly inspected before they are sold. We implement tight quality control procedures in order to ensure that you get a 100 percent functional industrial refrigeration system.

Let us help you with all of your industrial refrigeration. When you need quality products for industrial refrigeration in California, contact us at TKS Cold Storage MFG & Construction.

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